We grow real food.

Nestled in the shadow of Mt. Baker, we grow everything with an eye toward the future - a closed loop cycle of growing animals, soil fertility, and lush grass hay.  Grazing animals manure the grass, the grass feeds the animals, and the animals feed our community.  This is true sustainability.

Sage & Sky Farm is an old-fashioned family farm located on 30 acres just 8 miles east of beautiful Bellingham, Washington. At over 100 years old, it has the charm of farms of the past, but with progressive practices that make our products the best.

Food that is delicious.

Our animals are grown with the care they deserve. They enjoy fresh pasture daily, wholesome food, and lots of sunshine. Our lamb and chicken reflect this daily care in the quality and flavor of the meat. Grass-fed, antibiotic and hormone-free. Always.


Food that you can feel good about.


Our lambs are all born here on the farm. We have birthed generations of lambs, taking great care with each and every one.  We raise them on pasture, and grow the most nutritious grass possible. Our sheep are Katahdins, a breed of sheep with a soft coat instead of wool. This means a superb and mild-flavored meat.

We raise chicken on pasture, where they are free to scratch and peck as chickens do. We move them onto fresh grass daily, which keeps them healthy, active, and safe from predators. All this daily care results in a beautiful, well balanced, great-tasting bird.